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We believe every child, every teenager and every family matters.

We fully understated that there is a need to support children and teens with their mental health, as they navigate their way through life. We could see that it was extremely difficult to access professional help and support for them and families alike. With long waiting lists and inconvenient time slots, due to being bogged down by dogma. Growing minds was born from experiencing these difficulties first hand. 

We at Growing minds have been able to come up with a unique and simple way of providing therapy…we bring the counselling and therapy to you.If your child or teenager needs counselling and support, we can  go into their school or see them at home. If you find yourself needing counselling and support as a family or as a couple, we can bring the therapy to you, via on online or coming to your home.No more trying to organise childcare or removing your child from school, because at growing minds, there is no more juggling. It is simple and works.

Founder of Growing Minds

Katrina Marshall

I am a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. I have over two decades worth of experience in mental health, education and family work.  I am the key counsellor for Hertfordshire adoption service, mentor for trainee counsellors and a mental health adviser for children, adolescent and families in Hertfordshire. 


  • MA/PgD -Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy 
  • CRT- Psychodynamic Counselling
  • BACP accredited course
  • BACP registered 

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