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We have extensive experience working with: Anxiety, Depression, Self-harm, Anger issues, Low moods, Eating disorders, Suicide, Addictions, Loss, Divorce, Separation, Bullying, OCD, Withdrawn, Sexuality, Abuse, Stress management


It has never been easier for schools and parents to access counselling thanks to Growing Minds. Having a counsellor come to your child's school offers a valuable link between School, Home and managing the child's mental health...


Having the counsellor come to your home, can take a lot of stress out of life. The benefits are, meeting your child's counsellor, not have to worry trying to manage any hectic schedules, no extra running around trying to to get their child to the sessions or organising childcare.

Couples & Siblings

Couples counselling can be very rewarding. The term 'couples' at growing Minds, mean TWO PEOPLE, so that can be parents, siblings, parent and child, grandparents...the list is endless.


Life for teenagers is very complex and very difficult. They have to manage a variety of emotions, feelings and self awareness, all in the space of a few years. We at Growing Minds understand the added pressures loneliness..


Working with children, takes skill and patience. At Growing Minds we use various ways of getting the child to feel safe and at eases. We have found over the years that children like to express what they are feeling through, play, singing, art, acting and walk and talking.


Family therapy takes time, commitment and consistency. The sessions are longer, as it is important that every member of the family unit gets the opportunity to be listen to and heard. Gaining an understanding of...

Why choose us

We are emphatic, caring, professionals that are passionate about the work that we do.

Narrative Therapy

Growing minds we make it simple to access therapy.  See a counsellor in person, access your counsellor online or they can visit you at home or school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will suggest a personal schedule around your needs. Some people have sessions once a week, some every other week. It really is down to you and what you feel will be of benefit.

Each session  aprox. 50mins

Family sessions 1.5hours

Individual in school or online sessions £50

Individual and Couples sessions at home £70

Couple sessions online £60

Family sessions at home £90 (1.5hours)


All our counsellors and therapist are covered by Holistic Business Practice Insurance and have an up to date DBS (advanced).