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It has never been easier for schools and parents to access counselling thanks to Growing Minds. Having a counsellor come to your child’s school offers a valuable link between School, Home and managing the child’s mental health. Everyone is able to be on the same page at the same time.

There is no financial cost or outlay for schools to have a Growing Minds Counsellor in-house; they get all of the benefits of accessing a professionals outside agency for FREE!

The benefits for the parents are HUGE, from having a fully qualified counsellor for their in school, to not have to worry trying to manage their hectic schedules, no extra running around trying to to get their child to the sessions or organising childcare.

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At growing minds we understand that many children can feel unsure and nervous about having therapy in a unknown environment. So as we provide therapy in school that will give them a much more comfortable place to discuss all of their feelings.

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