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How We Can Help

Life for teenagers is very complex and very difficult. They have to manage a variety of emotions, feelings and self awareness, all in the space of a few years. We at Growing Minds understand the added pressures loneliness and self loathing and how all of these emotions can be confusing and make the teenager feel isolated and ashamed. Working with teenagers can feel like navigating a minefield but it takes expertise and an understanding of teen behaviour, to enable the teenager to engage, trust and open up about what they are thinking and feeling.


We at Growing Minds understand that many teenagers feel that they need to bottle up all of their emotions and thoughts which can have a negative effect on them. So we ca help relieve them of many worries that they feel they can not talk about.

Our Approach

We specifically tailor our approach to every child individually as we know everyone is different and needs a specific environment to talk in if that is online or on a walk face to face we will make your child feel that they are in the safest and most conformable environment to talk in.

Young Women Sitting on the Ground - Friendship

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