What is Walking Therapy?

Moving Therapy Outside

I remember the first time someone mentioned Walking Therapy to me, I remember thinking it sounded like a crazy idea…what will the therapy world think up next!

Boy was I wrong.

Walking Therapy or Nature Counselling as some like to call it, brings a new dimension to the client and counsellor relationship. Gone are the restraints of the therapy room, for example, the chairs, tissue box’s and clocks, which are forever informing the client that they have limited time. Being outside enables the counselling session to evolve in a more fluid motion, whatever the weather.
I completely accept that this modus operandi isn’t for everyone, but for those clients that want to experience their therapy outdoors…try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Being open to the elements can, for some clients, enable them to express different emotions that they may otherwise feel they cannot do in the counselling room, with their therapist staring directly at them.

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