Why is my teenager isolating in their room?

Venturing Into The Bedroom Bunker

When walking past my son’s bedroom I realised he hadn’t ventured out from his bedroom bunker for some time. I started to wonder, what goes on in that room and why is it so appealing?

So, I ventured into the abyss and asked why…below are my findings.

Teenagers need a space to zone out…what does that mean? Zoning out is demonstrated by teenagers taking themselves out of a situation that they don’t want to face or feel they can’t face. Life is very tough for our teenagers, with social media constantly wiring on and on and having a vast impact on their everyday lives. Unlike my generation, friendship issues are no longer left at the school gates, due to technology. For some teenagers, their bedroom is their safe place and that is why the room is so appealing.

In my day, coming home from school enabled me to switch off from school work and any friendship issues, and believe me there were many, and just have family life. Unfortunately, our teenagers of today do not have that luxury. They no longer get that space to leave school and friendships outside, because they carry these complex relationships and workloads around with them in their back pockets, i.e. their mobile phones.

By venturing into my son’s bedroom, I was able to see that his room is a safe haven for him, I was able to sit with him, in his space and talk, I even just sat there and watched him play on his X-Box. However, i now know that as long as I keep venturing into his bedroom, he will know that I am still here for him, while at the same time respecting his space, and at the same time, it will demonstrate that we can discuss any issues together, at his pace and in the room he feels safest in.

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